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 High oxygen fresh hot water. 
  Wireless Controlled Instant Hot Water Dispenser|
Liner-free   Under-counter Model

  The world's first non-interior design,
  The instant heating functions,
unlimited supply of
  fresh hot water, drinking water sterile and tasteless,
  no scale for Toxic Substances and metalsresidues.
  The touch panel built-in four temperature shortcuts,
  free temperature control, water
 temperatureand flow rate can be set.


 Wireless Touch Panel

  ■ Built-in fast buttons

  ■ Flow set up

  ■ Break down report

  ■ 2.4 G capacitance wireless control

  ■ Constant temperature output

  ■ Output temperature display

  ■ Anti-moisture, anti-grease

  ■ Temperature set up

  ■ Main product

  ■ Installation diagram

 360 high speed

  Patented turbo heating core technology
  and 360 degree inward heated wall heat
  the central water column and keep constant temperature output.



 Installation diagram


  Size    23.4x5.2x38.2cm
  Main weight    4.1kg
  Input pressure   1~3kg
  Heating mode    Magnetic bundle heating
  Fix-amount out offset    3%
  Wireless transmission frequency    2.4GHZ
  Input voltage    AC220V
  Biling frequeency    2W

  Remote Control

  Size   14x9.8x1.6cm                     
  Power capacity   AAAx2(1.5Vx2)
  Consumed current   50mA
  Sleep time   30sec
  Sleep current   150µA
  Wireless transmission frequency   2.4GHZ
  Touch mode     capacitance touch mode
  Wireless transmission distance   3m
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